Trekking in Meesapulimalai and exploring Kollukumalai, Western Ghats

Trekking in Meesapulimalai and exploring Kollukumalai, Western Ghats

About Kolukkumalai and Meesapulimalai-

Kollukumalai is a small village which houses the World’s Highest Organic Tea Estates at a height of about 7130 ft(2170 m). It is about 32 kms from Munnar town. The Tea estate lies on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

It is a drive of about 1.5 hours from Munnar to Kollukumalai. One can hire a Jeep from Suryanelly town to reach the tea-estate along the rugged and slushy paths along the tea-estates.

Kollukumalai Tea Estate down below, ShwethaKrish,ShoePenLens, World's Highest Organic Tea Estate. Tea Estates, Kannan Devan Hills
Kollukumalai Tea Estate down below

One thing you must try doing is taking a tour of Tea-making and also enjoy tasting varieties of Teas. That’s what I did and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

ShwethaKrish, ShoePenLens at Kollukumalai Tea Estates
Me at Kollukumalai Tea Estates

I had been in the month of July and the tea estates were lush and the entire ambience in the Suryanelly town and the Kollukumalai estate was beautiful and scenic!

The bumpy Jeep ride to the Kollukumalai tea-estate is quite a ride. You can feel all the muscles showing up their enthusiasm! Also, the joy of watching the sunrise at the tea estate is a sight to behold!

Sunrise at Kollukumalai, ShwethaKrish, ShoePenLens, World's highest organic Tea-estate
Sunrise at Kollukumalai

Trekking in Meesapulimalai-

Meesapulimalai, a the second highest peak in South India is nearby to the Kollukumalai estate and is part of the Western Ghats range. It lies on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu states of India.

The trekking route has some restrictions by the Forest Dept. It is best to check with the local guides regarding the permits.

The name ‘ Meesapulimalai,’ meaning Tiger’s Moustache refers to the appearance of the Tiger faced stone at the peak. Here is a photo.

ShwethaKrish, ShoePenLens at the Tiger's face, Meesapulimalai
Me at the Tiger’s face, Meesapulimalai

The trail runs through the forests, then open up to grasslands, Rhodoendron trees and the peak paves way to the scenic clouds way below.

Being at the peak is utterly tranquil and there is a certain silence which encaptures you completely.

Trail through the Tea -estates, Kollukumalai, ShwethaKrish,ShoePenLens, Worlds's highest organic tea-estate
Trail through the Tea -estates

Trek Stats:

  • Elevation: 8661 ft (2460 m)
  • Best seasons to Trek: Sept to Feb, is scenic during the Monsoon seasons but a little challenging
  • Duration: 3-4 hours, a day hike
  • Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Trek Distance: 8-10 kms depending on trail
  • Accommodation: Tents, Homestays or Hotels at Suryanelly, Munnar
  • Location: 70 kms from Munnar, Kerala, India
  • Nearest Train station: Bodinayakannur (23 kms away)
  • Nearest Airport: Cochin Interantional Airport (169kms away)
  • By Road:
    • Munnar->Meesapulimalai (70 kms)
    • Thekkady->Meesapulimalai (95 kms)
Peaks atop Meesapulimalai, Western Ghats, ShwethaKrish, ShoePenLens
Peaks viewable from Meesapulimalai

Things to pack /carry:

  • Sturdy Backpack preferable with wider shoulder straps as it should sit comfortably on your shoulder
  • Hiking Shoes and socks
  • Water bottle / Water pack
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking pole if needed
  • Comfortable trekking pants and tees
  • Light rain jacket /poncho depending on the season
  • Light sweater depending on the weather
  • Small first aid box
  • Regular medication if any
  • Head torch
  • Sleeping bag if you are staying in a home-stay or dormitory
  • A small notepad and pen
  • Essentials: Wallet, ID card
  • Mobile phone, chargers, powerbank
  • Cameras and Batteries

Are you ready to explore the World’s Highest Organic Tea-estate and Second Highest Peak in South India?

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