Tips for Traveling during Covid 19 Pandemic

Tips for Traveling during Covid 19 Pandemic

As few places and countries lift the travel ban, people are planning to head out for business or to just getaway from the cities for a vacation break.

Travel could be through a Road Trip or Flights or Trains.

It is very important to realize that one needs to be responsible and be cautious when traveling especially with the Pandemic around.

Please refer to the Safety Guidelines on an official website.

So let’s explore the various means of travel and look into the guidelines step by step.

A lady sitting by the window in the flight reading a book on kindle while wearing the face mask. Travel during Covid 19 Pandemic

General Guidelines to consider for traveling during Covid 19 Pandemic-

  1. Assess the Risk for yourself and the people traveling with you- Is there anyone prone to asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies or is any of the members, senior citizens at a high risk? If yes, then you might need to reconsider your travel plans.
  2. Make sure you consciously plan the trip and not in haste.
  3. Travel Guidelines and Regulations- Each place would have a set of guidelines pertaining to the Safety, Quarantine period and Transport Protocols. Make sure you go through these details and also check with the travel agents or safety organizations prior to planning your trip.
  4. Transportation Guidelines at the destination- Once you reach a place you might need to hire a Taxi or a Cab to reach your respective destination. Make sure that you are aware about these options and regulations.
  5. Safety Precaution- Make sure you maintain social distancing, wear a mask always, sanitize your hands before or after you touch anything. Make sure you sanitize your seat in the plane or train where you are seated. Don’t be anywhere near the crowds. Make sure you don’t drink water from any water dispenser. Have your own water bottle or you can buy one at the airport if need be. Avoid dining in restaurants. Take-away is a better option. Use gloves where required and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and face.

We saw some of the General guidelines but let’s go over certain points to keep in mind in each of the Travel modes-

Road Trip-

  • One needs to plan the route and itinerary. Some places can still be containment zones. So, mindful planning needs to be done in charting out the route.
  • Car needs to be sanitized often and also make sure the safety first aid boxes are handy.
  • Again make sure about the people traveling with you. Assess the nature of risk with each person. If you are traveling with people who have stayed in different places, it is best to practice 14-day quarantine in a common place before starting your journey.
  • Research on the hotels or home-stays you plan to dine at or stay at. One needs to make sure that the safety protocols are being followed at these places.
  • Make sure you take sufficient bottles of hand sanitizers, tissues, gloves and cleaning cloth. Have 3-4 masks handy in case you lose them on the go.
  • The handles, the dashboard, the steering wheel, gear box needs to be sanitized when multiple drivers are taking turns to drive.

Traveling by Flight-

Many of the airports are open and people are already flying in or out based on their business or personal requirements.

  • Make sure to keep a distance from others while you are standing in the queue at the security check point.
  • Be mindful of your belongings, most importantly have your mask on at all times
  • When you get to your seat, make sure you sanitize the seat you are seating in. If it is a window seat, make sure you sanitize the window area as well.
  • Sanitize your hand, your mobile phones and be mindful of touching any surfaces in the airport or flight.
  • It is best to carry your own bottled water or buy one at the airport.
  • Sanitize your luggage and bags often.
  • Make sure your carry sufficient masks in case you lose them
  • Also wear gloves when required
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and touching your mouth and face.
an empty airport

Traveling by Train-

  • Buy the tickets online
  • Make sure you carry sanitizers, tissues, snacks, bottled water, medicines if any.
  • Once you reach your seat, sanitize the entire seat and the surfaces you would be touching like handles or ladders.
  • Make sure you maintain distance from people
  • Don’t eat anything on the train. Take sufficient snacks for yourself for the entire trip
  • Make sure you sanitize the handle of the bathroom door and also periodically sanitize your hands.
  • Don’t touch your mouth, eyes and face.
  • Sanitize your luggage and wear gloves when you are handling it.
  • Avoid being in any crowded area

Please make sure you only Travel when need be and if you decide to travel then be cautious and take the necessary precautions. Ensure that you follow the protocol of the place you are traveling to and be a part of the solution rather than a problem.

Travel even more responsibly and cautiously is the new norm for now!

Take care and travel only when there is a dire need!

Please refer to the Safety Guidelines on an official website.


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