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“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.”

ShoePenLens is a blog which gives the reader an insight into the intricacies of Trekking, Travel and a peek into Travel Writing and Travel Photography.

Shwetha Krish at Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Do you feel like hiking and want to get the best of serenity, solitude and are wondering which mountain to hike?

Are you a person who wants to get to the mountains and experience true bliss?

Have you wanted to trek the Western Ghats and Himalayas and enjoy the journey within?

Do you want to plan a trek all by yourself and are wondering where to get started?

Are you a gang of girls wanting to have a peaceful hike in the mountains?

Well you are in the right place!

Shwetha Krish, ShoePenLens, Himalayas, Mountains, Chandrashila Peak
Shwetha Krish atop Chandrashila Peak

Trekking and Traveling:

I always love to trek in the mountains especially the Himalayas and the Western Ghats.

My first hike was in Kerala and I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush and excitement of making it to the top. And over the years and through a lot of treks I have learnt more about myself. Initially, it was the destination that mattered but now it is the journey that matters be it on a hike or my life.

Trekking on the Himalayas was nothing short of a miracle. I was gutted down in my routine life and I wanted to breathe and perceive life in a different way. I certainly didn’t know what I was seeking but the trek to Himalayas till date have always made me a better person and an ardent seeker.

Contents of the Blog:

  • Budget trekking and travelling,
  • The ways to plan a trek,
  • Essentials for a trek
  • Videos on packing, vlogs etc.
  • Places to visit in a few states in India
  • Mountains to trek in India and abroad
  • Gearing up as a trekker

Travel Photography:

Being an amateur photographer, I have had the opportunity of capturing the mountains in different seasons and I am never satisfied with the photos as I am unable to capture the rawness and the awe of the Himalayas! But the mountains always have me craving for more.

I shall take you through the basics of Photography while on a trek.

Travel Writing / Blogging:

We shall peek into the genre of travel writing and blogs. Travel Blogging is something which I have been doing since a few years and a few of my Travel articles have been published in a few magazines, online blogs and newspapers.

I am not an expert in any but would love to share my experiences and journeys!

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