7 Reasons why Traveling is important

7 Reasons why Traveling is important

Have you been thinking about traveling the world?

Are you figuring out how to start or where to start traveling?

Have you been saving up money in your Travel fund and somehow haven’t made up your mind to go traveling?

Are you feeling a bit scared on traveling?

Have you maintained a list of places to visit and you have not started ticking off your list yet?

Are you waiting for someone in your life to join in on your journey?

Well, you know what just get started!

It is as the saying goes….

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

I have been traveling a lot since the past 5 years; be it trekking in the mountains or traveling to a lot of scenic and spiritual places, the journey has surely been amazing. I have learnt a lot about myself in these few years of traveling and I have only gained in terms of experiences, connecting with people and exploring the world with a new perspective.

Well, I get asked as to how do I find the time to travel or some people quip saying, ‘Well, you are single and a freealancer so you have all the time in the world!’

Let me tell you I am as busy as any person can be.

My Solopreneur or Freelancing business has me working more that 9 to 5 routine at times. Also, with more number of clients I have to plan my travel accordingly. So, in a nutshell I make time to travel as I am passionate about it.

A map, a laptop, a passport, a camera, sunglasses, a person pointing to a location on the map

I am an ardent trekker and traveler and I love to explore places especially the mountains!

You may wonder why is travel or traveling across a country or world be so amazing or important.

Let’s get right to it.

Here are 7 Reasons as to why Traveling is important-

1.Traveling helps one to perceive life as a whole

Leading a routine life keeps us inside a box and very much in our comfort zone. One can be tired, frustrated with the daily humdrum but are still bonded to it as the routine is comfortable. Ever felt this way?

If you have then it is time to get out of the comfort zone and embrace the new and change for the better.

Traveling is healing and helps us to disconnect from the life that we are leading and makes us to think and perceive life with a different set of eyes. This process is totally exhilarating!

2. Travel is a stressbuster

You shouldn’t travel just because you want to get away from a problem or situation you don’t want to face.

Travel when you want to have a different outlook on life and want to learn about yourself so that you can be a better person. And most certainly travel helps one to get out of the rut that we are constantly running in our mind. For me, travel has been life-changing. What I thought of as a huge problem, didn’t seem to matter when I embraced the beauty of travelling and perceived the entirety of the situation. This helped me to look at solutions and not keep brooding over the problems.

A boat in a lake with mountains ahead

3. Traveling helps one to connect with people from all walks of life

The experience and the warmth of meeting people is extraordinary. Especially in the remote mountain villages when I go trekking in the Himalayas, the hosts or the people of the village are so welcoming. They take care of your every need. Moreover, we learn lessons on humility, inclusion and being joyful no matter the situation. This has certainly helped me to live joyfully and enjoy my life to the fullest. You may find people from across the world with similar interests and it is a joy to listen to people of their travel adventures ans especially about their life!

4. Travel puts you in a classroom with no walls

A person sitting at the edge of the pathway to the lake with the mountains ahead

Oh yes! The entire world is a classroom. Some of the best and beautiful things about life, I have learnt is through traveling. Travel has surely helped me to learn the ways of life in a more profound and realistic way. And when you are out of your comfort zone, you tend to unlearn first and learn later. Nature is a great teacher. She helps you to gain perspective about life as a whole. Mountains and nature surely are great teachers as they vaporize your ego and make you sensible!

5. Traveling stresses upon being in the present moment

There are times when even though we are traveling or we are in the most scenic and beautiful of places, we are preoccupied with random things on our mind. Traveling teaches you to be more present in the moment and there is no other way. Being in a new place with random strangers puts one on an alert. This makes us conscious of what is happening around rather than thinking about something on your mind. When one is trekking or traveling to beautiful places it is essential for one to be able to enjoy in the moment and to be involved completely in the moment.

One learn to be mindful and also consciously enjoy the present moment. This process is gratifying!

Reflection of the mountain in the lake

6. Travel makes one to see the inner you

I always keep saying this,”Of all the journeys that I have been on, the inner journey has been the most satisfying and gratifying!’

There have been many a times when certain challenging situation during travel has made me realize or delve deep into the the person that I am. It has opened doors and windows to things I was unaware of about myself.

My responses, my feelings towards things, situations have helped me to introspect on the person that I am. And that has surely helped me to become a better person.

Being in the lap of nature helps one to seek the inner dimension and it is always best to be open for these rare happenings. Because when it does, you are a different person altogether and that is obviously for the better.

7. Traveling creates memories for a lifetime

You are bound to get a whole bunch of memories when you travel. Certain experiences can be profound, meaningful, funny, adventurous, happy and that makes you want to go for more and experience it all over again. Every travel, every place, every moment is unique and that’s the best part of travel. You are getting into an adventure at every turn and memories of these travels always stay in your heart and mind because it has changed you for the better!

A lady writing a diary on the edge of the mountain

So are you ready?

Wanna pack your bags?

Well, more on travel experiences from my end. Stay on trail!

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