7 Tips for Travel Writing

7 Tips for Travel Writing

Have you ever wanted to write about a place that you loved and wanted to share the experience with your friends and other people by giving them tips, plans and To-do list?

Are there times when you want to put across the beauty of a place in words and photos and guide other people on how to explore this place?

Well you are in the right place!

This is nothing but Travel Writing, let’s get to the actual definition.

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What is Travel Writing?

It is writing about a place, its people, its culture, the cuisine, the history, the architecture and giving details of the places to visit in and around and what to explore in this place.

The main aspect of Travel Writing is to keep the reader in the forefront always. You have to relay your experience from all the angles so that the reader can get a wholesome perspective on the place you visited.

If you can bring about curiosity and excitement in the minds of the readers, it is a job well done. Moreover, if the readers get inspired to travel because of your article then it is surely worth it.

Importance of Travel Writing-

One may wonder what is the use and relevance of Travel Writing.

  • It is plain simple; it gives the readers an idea about a place, its culture, its people, its architecture all by reading about it.
  • It also helps one to travel to a place through the experience of the travel writer.
  • Furthermore, it helps the readers to plan on traveling; where to go, what clothes to take, the best way to travel and what places to visit.

7 Travel Writing Tips-

1. Plan your Storyline-

Firstly, you need to know how you are going to put across your experience by giving detailed descriptions about the place, its people all woven into your personal experience. Readers want to know what to explore, where to stay, things to do and what the place offers. All these needs to be covered in your article.

2. Write your experience to give a wholesome perspective to the Reader-

At times, we might get so carried away by our experience that we might miss out on the most relevant points. Therefore, it is best to think and chart out your experience from the point of view of the reader. Try and write from a layman’s perspective as to what would one do when he visits the place or why does he want to visit the place first of all.

3. Pique the interest of the reader in the first few lines-

You need to capture the attention of the reader in the first few lines. You could ask a question or talk about something unique or weird which happened on the trip. This sparks interest in the reader’s mind and they would most certainly end up reading your article.

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4. Dialogue

A conversation can be included in your article. This could be with a fellow traveler or a local resident at the place you visited. The conversation you mention in the article should not be mundane but rather something which is genuine and piques the interest of the reader.

Some of the interesting conversational goof-ups or camaraderie always happens on a travel. Bring about this in your article.

5. Photos

The article can be complemented with the photos of your travel experience. Try to put in the photos with you in it or the photos of the places you visited. This brings about a sense of credibility to the reader and also acts as a window to the places that they can plan on visiting. This would certainly spark interest in the minds of the reader as to what they can expect at a particular place.

6. Descriptive-

When you are sharing your experience of the place, it is best to be descriptive. The readers should feel like they are already there experiencing this place.

For instance, ‘The scenic landscape, the lush valleys, the meandering river and the gush of cool air mesmerized me as I sat by the Lake.’

Isn’t the above better than saying, ‘I had a wonderful time at the Lake?’

7. Clear and Crisp

It is always best to keep the article or post crisp. Don’t exaggerate your experience and make it sound fake. It is always best to share your experience in an authentic manner. If there was something that you didn’t like about a place, you can mention it. It could be your personal experience that you didn’t like but others may have a different experience. But please to divulge in giving the facts and your perception of the place rather than making it sound rosy even when it is not.

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So are you geared up to Write on your Travels? Let me know.

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