Things to do when you are missing out on Traveling

Things to do when you are missing out on Traveling

Are you dreaming about trekking in the Himalayas or basking in the beaches of Hawaii or Quad biking in Dubai?

Well, I am sure many of us travelers are suppressing the travel bug and are probably quite frustrated to stay at home.

A STOP sign on the road

You might have made some travel plans, bought some gear and have gone through your itinerary a million times but for the Pandemic you are safely tucked in your home.

Does this resonate with you?

But let’s make the best of this time and plan for our future travels. How about that?

Let’s go through a list of activities we can do to gear up and also be prepared enough-

Make a list of places that you want to visit in the future

You can list down places Country-wise, Continent-wise, Trek-wise, Beaches-wise etc. You can categorize the places according to time and budget.

This would give you a whole perspective to conduct the plan.

Write or Blog about your previous travels

You might have wanted to pen down your experiences but couldn’t do it owing to work and time. Well, this is an opportune time to do that. Get creative and jot down your Travels on a blog or Diary and share it with the world.

Gather and process all your Travel Photographs-

This is the best time to process the RAW files and also delete the unwanted photos taking up a lot of space on your drive. You can also categorize the photos based on the Year, Place, Treks, Beaches etc.

Once you finish doing this, you can share it on social media forums or your Blog or on public Photography forums.

A photographer looking into the camera screen

Take a small trip around your home-

If it is feasible and you are taking care of the Safety guidelines, then take a walk around a park or hike to the closest hill or beach or cycle to a nearby forest or woods. Once you do this, write about it and also take a few photos. This could help you to exercise your Writing and Photography muscle.

Gear and Un-gear

If you are an ardent traveler, you might have stacked up on certain clothes, gears etc. This is the time to review what is needed and if anything needs to be discarded. Also if you are a Trekker, you can look into the Trekking gear and assess its relevance and durability.

You can sell unwanted gears and buy any relevant gear if required.

Create Travel Vlogs or Videos-

If you have taken videos of your travels, then it is time to process them and put them out on YouTube or other forums. This could help you to enhance your Video making capabilities and also learn how you can make it better in your future travels.

You can create a standalone YouTube channel and present it to the world.

Explore Travel Writing, Photography, Videography-

Considering we do have a lot of time on our hands as we are not traveling, you could learn on the aspects of Travel Writing / Photography. You can start taking photos from your terrace and aslo jot down everyday experiences. You can hone your skills as a Writer, Photographer and Videographer.

Cameras, Maps, Diary, Glasses and a Pencil

Travel Book or Stock Photography-

If you are keen on selling your Photos, you can research on Stock Photography websites ad sell your photos there or you can create an online shop on your own website and sell them there.

Also you can collate all your travel experiences and make a book; like a Travel Sojourn or Travel Book or Travel Story.

Collate the Cuisines you have experimented on your Travels-

I am sure you would have loved the delicacy of a particular city or place and wanted to try it out. Why not do it now? And also you can write or blog about the Cuisines of the Places you have visited and list out the must snacks or delicacies that one has tried out.

Read and Watch Travel Stories or Movies-

There are many awe-inspiring Travel movies and stories which you can read or watch. This could help create your own Travel Memoir. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Well now is the time to contemplate on the travels of the past and record them in a book / blog / photo / website. Also one can plan and keep a list of places to visit once things get back to normal or the new normal.


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