13 Life Lessons you will learn from Trekking / Backpacking in the Mountains

13 Life Lessons you will learn from Trekking / Backpacking in the Mountains

Trekking in the mountains is like a roller coaster ride with scintillating views and adventures galore. The best life lessons can be learnt while trekking and nature is a bigger fun-filled classroom. Trekking is an outdoor activity open to everyone as long as one is physically fit to endure the journey along the trails and the mountains.

Here are some Life Lessons you will learn from Trekking / Backpacking in the mountains:

1. Humility-

When you connect with the people in the remote villages along the mountain paths, the best thing you will learn from them is Humility. With extreme weather conditions almost throughout the year and meager quantity of food; grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, people out there are content with the resources at their disposal. They are delightful hosts when they pamper you and ensure that you have the best experience in the mountains. Always ready to help with a smile on their faces is something to truly cherish and also learn from.

2. Gratitude-

When out in the mountains we are faced with many challenges like change of plans due to weather conditions, unavailability of resources or basic necessities you want to buy. These challenges make us realize to be grateful for the things we have; be it family and friends, the normal life back home, the security of a job, the abundant resources which we would have at our disposal. To be alive and experience the mountains is something to be truly grateful of. From my experience in the mountains, “I don’t take my breath for granted!”


3. Perseverance-

A trek in the mountains is always a risky adventure. You could be thoroughly prepared but when at the mountains, you don’t have any control on what’s in store for you. Nature and the mountains make the last call and have the last laugh too! Everything is not easy when it comes to mountains. A steady pace, mindset is truly essential for any trekker; an amateur or seasoned. An experience in the mountains helps one to realize that nothing beautiful and amazing ever comes easy unless you try to work hard, be it in the mountains or in your everyday life.

4. Connecting with people-

You will be surprised to meet like-minded people when on a trek. They could be fellow trekkers, guides, sherpas, villagers or probably tourists along the way. There is a great deal to learn from their stories in the mountains or their life per say. The realization of the fact that we are all humans albeit different cultures, nations we are still human beings braving the challenges of life. And that makes us to take on life as ONE.

5. Patience-

You can’t reach a summit in record time when trekking the mountains, especially in the Himalayas. Every trail, every trek demands certain amount of discipline, physical fitness level, mindset to trek up the mountains and reach the summit. The weather conditions, trails, one’s physical fitness levels may hamper the journey while trekking. Patience is the key and a much needed virtue to behold.

6. Discipline-

Be it an amateur trekker or an advanced one, everyone needs to respect the mountains. Effective time management, food management pacing oneself up the mountains, keeping up with the team is achieved through discipline. Also, to be respectful of other travelers, trekkers, animals and nature is a must.

7. Compassion-

Mountains and the journey teaches one to be compassionate with other beings all around. To see through the eyes of the other or to experience life when in others’ shoes brings about a different outlook towards life.

8. Inclusion / Teamwork-

Teamwork or coordination is a must when on a trek with a group of people. It is always best to include a guide or a person who is very well aware of the trail and is an experienced trekker or a mountaineer. Solo trekking also entails connecting with people either to enquire about the directions or to accompany along when on the same journey. If you are a trekker who plans for a group of friends or for a team of people, you surely know everything is achievable to teamwork, delegation and execution of the plan in tandem with other people and stakeholders.

9. World is a classroom-

To experience life one breath a time is very much the takeaway you receive from the mountains. Challenging situations, arduous trails help one to realize one’ strengths; physical and mental. It teaches one to gain more knowledge and understanding on their limitations etc. When interacting with people from different nations, culture you tend to imbibe new perspectives about life and that makes the journey all the more wonderful.

10. Be-

The best part about spending time in the mountains, helps one to just Be. The whole rush to become something just drops and one seems to blend with the serenity of the mountains. The silence of the mountains is very much the words needed for the soul. The mountains make one a storyteller without even uttering a word to fill up your stories. Life lessons like; the art of silence and doing nothing is a certainly a skill to be learnt at the mountains which would certainly be of use in our everyday life.

11. Minimalism-

Living out of a backpack for days together on a trek teaches one to accept the attitude of Minimalism. Life certainly doesn’t end with limited resources as it helps one to enjoy life with the bare minimum. To be free from materialistic hoardings, to enjoy quality more than quantity is an epic lesson to learn in the mountains.

The art of silence and doing nothing is a certainly a skill to be learnt at the mountains which would certainly be of use in our everyday life.

12. Presence of Mind-

Challenges of the trek that are put forth any trekker, makes them take decisions wisely. If one is able to face the challenges physically and mentally in the mountains, it makes them better equipped to handle challenges back home. Such is the journey in the mountains. One always to become wiser when brushed with the mountains.

13. Willingness to unlearn and then learn-

When in a different place, we tend to accept that we don’t know the ways and the rules of the place. Especially in the mountains, we need to unlearn and keep our workings of our mind at check. Trekking surely gives room for learning new things. This is the first step to exploring new avenues and perspectives away from the mundane.

So are you ready for the Life Lessons? If yes, start preparing for the mountains.

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